Publication of the .IE report IE Tipping Point’ reveals some eyewatering findings.

For example, when SMEs were asked how they protected customer data some of the responses were: 38% don’t know, 24% don’t take any particular action, 20% use encrypted software, 15% use a firewall/antivirus, 11% use two-factor authentication, 11% use a website security certificate, 9% backup data, 7% use a dedicated server, 6% use a password manager, 4% train staff in cybersecurity best practice, 3% use a VPN. These figures should be causing alarm bells to ring if they are accurate!
Time now for #SMEs and related #BUSINESS support organisations to work together more closely (e.g., #ISME#IBEC) to take appropriate corrective actions to help build better compliance across industry. A situation where a regulator is ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ is to be avoided at all costs! How long more can the regulator take a soft touch approach though before further actions are taken against that same regulator for not acting in a timely manner! 

Check out the Report HERE