GDPR, A.I. and Legal Services

Good piece in this months in CIArb’s ‘The Resolver’ called ‘Meet the in-laws’! Caitlin Mackesy Davies provides a focused review of a new publication covering Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and legal services by Joanna Goodman. Goodman, a long time writer/commentator on A.I. remarks, ‘Law is a human endeavor and disputes have a human factor, so we need to be conscious as to where the switch-over point is’! She does point out also that a machine was touted as victorious where 100 commercial lawyers were challenged and resulted in 62% accuracy versus 87% with 775 case outcome predictions each. Are we now looking at compulsory full i.t. modules in the LLB/LLM/CIArb schools of tomorrow (or suchlike)to mitigate any perceived over-reliance on techies overly influencing with interpretations of techno-legal algorithms? We will see! Interestingly. The article is silent on the potential impact of the soon-to-be-here #GDPR (e.g. Article 22 Automated decision-making). I guess I’ll have to buy the book to see for sure!