GDPR Preparations Should be well Underway by Companies and Organisations NOW

With only a few short months to¬† the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (25 May 2018) preparations for its arrival by relevant businesses and organisations should now be well underway. Please check out the links below which provide a useful point of engagement and information. A good grip of the core principles will provide a stronger basis to effectively engage with the new Regulation. I usually recommend 1-2 hours per week research on the the Regulators’ websites for new clients and also get get their ‘shop window’ (a.k.a. website!) up to speed with the appropriate privacy statements/ cookie notices…

Also, kick off by asking yourself…

What is data protection?

What is the definition Personal data?

What are my data flows?

Am I a controller or processor?

What are the principles of data protection?

The Data Protection Commissioner’s website provides the following…

Basic Data Protection Checklist

  • Are the individuals whose data you collect aware of your identity?
  • Have you told the data subject what use you make of his/her data?
  • Are the disclosures you make of that data legitimate ones?
  • Do you have appropriate security measures in place both internally and externally to ensure all access to data is appropriate?
  • Do you have appropriate procedures in place to ensure that each data item is kept up-to-date?
  • Do you have a defined policy on retention periods for all items of personal data?
  • Do you have a data protection policy in place?
  • Do you have procedures for handling access requests from individuals?
  • Are you clear on whether or not you should be registered?
  • Are your staff appropriately trained in data protection?
  • Do you regularly review and audit the data which you hold and the manner in which they are processed?

Remember, the information above is a starting point only. You may need to obtain specialist assistance and/or advice to be in the adequately compliant space! Best of luck with your preparations…

P.S. please see an article I published some time back to provide awareness generally…