Consultancy, Contract Services

Provision of strong professional views giving the client solid choices.


From group introductory and intensive programmes through to comprehensive one-on-one workshop sessions. Bespoke training facilitation in line with client requirements.

Commission (ODPC) Correspondence

Data Access Requests, Audit checks, Registration assessments/applications

Services also include

LEO Sligo Mentoring, Data protection health checks, Breach Management, Codes of Practice, Compliance checks, Data protection and information risk, Policy and Statement checking & creation, Privacy policy quality assessments. D.P.I.A.s., Art 27 Representative services


Operational Imperatives


Choosing the best means of action with care is central to strategic optimisation. DATA LEX values client preference for judicious case management


Confidentiality is regarded by DATA LEX as an axiomatic requirement providing maximum protection to our clients


DATA LEX strives for betterment of skill, nurturing of good judgment and values respectful behaviour. We are trained to do a job well


An in-house knowledge attainment and skills policy enables DATA LEX to act in a wide variety of situations with confidence


Achieving the goals of the client through clinical legal analysis balancing normative ethical standards and values is central to DATA LEX philosophy


DATA LEX favours objective critical legal review in support of our clients


DATA LEX is not affiliated with or part of any other organisation nor dependent upon or subject to the control, power or authority of another


DATA LEX advocates the adherence to deliverables. Achieving deadlines for our clients gives the certainty required to fulfil their plans and objectives, especially where they must, in turn, act within an inflexible timeframe


Certainty of service cannot easily occur in the absence of consistency. DATA LEX recognises the value of a regularised high standard of performance communicated effectively


A key element is our secure operational environment. Our clients are appraised of our demonstrable arrangements as appropriate


Martin O'Dwyer

Martin O'Dwyer BSc., LL.B., ACIArb., Irish Law Society Data Protection Practice Certificate, leads with a clear recognition of the individual needs of people and organisations. Having worked in a policing role for over 20 years, Privacy and Data Protection is a natural evolution where the importance of client discretion is instinctive. Martin specialises in Privacy and Data Protection Law. DATA LEX retains access to expert researchers and legal practitioners. Email: . The name and brand DATA LEX (No. 55995) trades as part of Epikeia Law Ltd. (No. 630428)

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